Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Start of the Singapore Walk~

Here comes my first post for the Singapore trip. The train departed sharp at 11.55am on Thursday morning which is the day you read the post saying that I am off to Singapore.Yeap,from my hometown Segamat,the easiest way to go Singapore will be by train. The journey took around 4 hours to reach Woodlands, the Singapore Custom.

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Nice Weather on the way..

Therefore,we, as in my dear and I, reach Singapore around 3.30pm.The first task is to find our way to reach the Woodlands MRT station and the funny thing is we don’t know which bus should we take.Well,I think this is the fun part to explore the place.So,we just follow the majority to crawling up to the bus and follow the majority when they going down and amazingly we did reach the MRT station.*muahahaha*

There is 1 lesson I would like to tell you guys, don’t ever bring a big black backpack to MRT station cause you will face high possibility stopping by the security guard and inquire to check the content inside your bag and I am the one who got stop.

At first, I thought that’s their policy to check on those suspicious subject but when I am waiting for the MRT,I watch the video on the screen, and then only I realize why I was stop by the guard. The video is about some terrorist who carry a black backpack with bomb inside trying to bomb the MRT and that backpack is just about the same as the one I carry.*WTF*

Forget about the ridiculous part, the next station we go for is Orchard Road since I never been to there before. We just have some window shopping to kill the time while waiting for my dear’s sister who is working till 6pm.

Around 6.30pm, we join her sister and her boyfriend, Shawn to have our dinner at some Porridge Steamboat Buffet but too bad we are not allowed to take picture of the food. After that, they took us for some tour around the city. They say for first timer, we should first visit the Merlion ancestor, and hence this is the place where I took the photo.

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Great Grand Merlion

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What do you think?

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Next, they bring us up high to Mount Faber to have a glance of the night view of the Singapore City. This is the time I feel damn regret for not bringing my tripod around. The view is damn nice and too sad I got no tripod to take some good photo. The only thing I can do is this…Shooting with handheld and the quality is really suxx..I am sure this will be one of the place that I shall visit when I go to Singapore again.

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ahlost said...

wow.. nice pics.. :)

I've never been there. so sad hor.. Hmm..

Jian said...

i been there .. but I was only 4 years old back then XD hahaha
cant remember a thing..

kimfei said...

@ahlost,no need sad la...u will have chance de..some more u got ur dslr ledi..can get much more nice photo..remember bring ur tripod along oo

@jian,haha..this will be my first visit after 15 years loo..haha..around 7 years old been to there once..keke

Mariuca said...

All ur Sing pics are excellent, thanks for sharing Kim Fei! I'm planning a vacation soon too yay! :):):)

kimfei said...

@mariuca,hehe..where you plan to go??Europe??hehe