Monday, January 28, 2008

Singapore Walk ~ Sentosa Hotspot

I know I have put this post too long and too much delay but I just don't want to miss out any nice info.That's why I separate it to few different post and hope you guys still have the patience to read it.*korf*korf*As most of you know that I already back at Melaka,hence,I am back to Uni life where I can online no day no night,so anyone wan find me,cant reach me at my msn messenger.

So,after the Sentosa Underwater World and also the Pink Dolphin Show,there are some hotspot that you shouldn't miss if you are the first timer to the Sentosa.The first spot is the Siloso Beach.

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Most of my friend claim that Siloso Beach very beautiful but actually it did disappointed me,may be is my high expectation brings the disappointment.You can easily found any more beautiful beach than this Siloso Beach at Malaysia East Coast especially near Terenganu Side.

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Their beach is consider clean since it is facing the Strait of Malacca.At the beach,you can normally found the Asian,opss..I mean Singaporeans that having their sunbath just like those Western people but I seriously don't understand whats the point they do that since either in Singapore or Malaysia,we are having this type of hot "SUN" for 365 days.

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I am using the 16:9 wide screen format to shoot this photo.Quite a nice view right?Actually I don't understand whats the different of it but don't care as long as it gives me nice photo is more than enough.

The next thing that you should go is the Sentosa Luge and Skyride.

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You are able to catch a very nice view of the beachside and also scenic treetop ride on the skyride to the starting point for Sentosa Luge.

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Now,get ready for the Sentosa Luge where you can race down or cruise leisurely along a 650m paved track in a luge cart.

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After all these extreme and excited sports,its time to take a seat in Sentosa 4D Magix for a mind-blowing interactive experience.

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I strongly suggest these if you haven't try on this before.It is much better than the 3D cinema that you can get in Genting.Besides the individually controlled motion seats, there are special "live" environment effects,all your sense will be fully engaged like you are one of the actor in the movie itself.

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Dear and Me

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While waiting for the 4D shows

After the half day of walking and exploring,this time,the air-conditioned seat must be very tempted for you guys.So,why not have a ride on the Sky Tower.You can rest you feet and enjoy the 360 panoramic views of Singapore,Sentosa and the Strait of Malacca. This Sky Tower is the Singapore's Tallest public viewing tower which stands at 131m above sea level or equivalentt to 50 storeys high!

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Inside the Sky Tower

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I didn't take the photo of the tower cause it is just too high that I hardly include the who tower in 1 shots.If you want to know how's the towet looks like,refer to here.

Of course,when you came to Sentosa,you must pay a visit to the ancestor of the Merlion.Why I am sure this is the ancestor?Hmm..because it is the largest and oldest ma..*I just bluff*Actually I really don't understand why they put the antenna on its head which definitely spoilt the whole view of the photo.*Geram aku*

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This will be the end of my Sentosa post.Well,there are too many places that you can visit so make sure you plan properly before you go to Sentosa.Experience tells me that if you plan properly,then you might be able to visit as many as places within the limited time and also not forget the Shows :Songs of the Sea which only conducted at night.


yipguseng said...

ahhh~~ when will i be able to go spore~~~ nvr been there again since...OMG! dammit, more than 15 years i nvr step foot in spore!!

Jade Z. said...

the pic of u n ur dear with the 4D red glasses so cute! (((:

jam said...

Have not been to Sentosa since ages.

kimfei said...

@yipguseng,haha..chinese new year time go lor..

@jade z.,hehe..i also think thats cute..keke

@jam,oh..then you should have a visit then..

ahlost said...

coming March I must go there. Hahaha..

3POINT8 said...

Wha...the glasses, damn thick!
I guess it fits all sizes, even XXXXL

kimfei said...

@ahlost,so syok oo..hehe..then i am waiting your nice nice photo loo

@3point8,yeap..1 fit all size..haha..r u trying to imply something arr?? said...

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