Saturday, January 26, 2008

At Last~Back In Melaka

Finally,after 14 weeks of training,I am back to Melaka.I can use one word to conclude the life that I have been through during the practical training period back at Shah Alam ---SUPERB

During the training,I had met with some old friends that not always can meet from Cyberjaya Campus's Maxis Interns.I was attached to a very nice supervisor who is willing to teach,willing to give advise and whats make him special is he even request to read my blog.

Besides,throughout the 14 weeks, the telegang also had some gathering for those who having their training at Kuala Lumpur or Selangor area.I have been through a lot of thing such as attend the bloggers gathering which till now I still not understand why I have guts to attend it since I am quite shy in making friends with strangers.Luckily I met 1 whole gang of crazy family which leads by Fattien, Eugene, Ah Kwong and also HungWei.They are all very nice guys and this is where the starting point of my bloging life.

I start to know, met a lot and a lot bloggers. Here is some of their photo which taken during some gathering and also Fattien Bday celebration.

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During the second last week of my practical training,I had been shortlisted and being feature for the Traffic Jam event among hundred bloggers.This will be the first time ever I being featured for such event and that was great.

During the event,I had met even more bloggers that I usually read their blog but just lack of the chance to meet them. I even say hi to Timothy, the co-founder of Nuffnang Community,Kennysia and Nicole who are invited for the Youth 08: Traffic Jam Bloggers Party.

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Actually,I don’t know what’s the purpose of this post.May be I just want to voice out and summarize the life that I had been through during my internship period in Shah Alam.So,lastly,I want to say,I will miss you guys whom I met in Kuala Lumpur and you all are very nice,friendly and hopefully I will meet you guys in some day.Even though I don’t know how long but definitely we will meet again and if you guys are coming to Melaka,you guys must let me know and I would like to apologize if I had done something that offended you or anyone related to you.

Happy Weekend!!

P/S: I will post more detail about the Traffic Jam event at another post!Also the credit goes to Yatz, and Hungwei for some of the photo.


生番薯 said...

wow...pic with kennysia n nicole leh~~~~

curryegg said...

You're making me miss the Traffic Jam event..

Hoping for another blogger gathering.. ^^ said...

too bad i miss out this event, cant arrange a time to join...

kimfei said...

@生番薯,hehe..yalo..really glad to meet them..

@curryegg,you sure miss the event loo..won a PS2...ishh..hehe..I also hope there is another blogger gathering..,aiks..then tats really too bad...