Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fairytale Musical Show @Pavillion

The Sunday before the Christmas eve,my dear and I went to Pavillion to shop for our new year clothes since all the shopping complex is on megasales.For sure,I am not going to blog about what I shop,where I shop and what I had buy.I actually want to show you some photo that I taken at Pavillion.On that Sunday,there is a session of Fairytale Musical Show on stage.

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I didn’t realize of the show until the time when the show is going to end.So I only able to snap some photo of the Prince and Princess and the ending part.Anyway,I quite enjoy to see such performace especially their constume.The costume is really very pretty and I am sure you got no chance to see this else where.So,enjoy the beautiful constumes.Hope you like it.

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S3R said...

u at there when the performance is on ar? i also at there wif my gf ler.... swt... we no fate lar, didnt see each other, haha....

kimfei said...

@s3r,haha..i sunday around 12 smtg i think...coz the show is on sat and sunday..may be u go on sat is it..hehe

Mariuca said...

WONDERFUL!!!! I love the last pic, thanks for sharing! Oh I tagged u with a new meme, hope ul like it! :)

3POINT8 said...

WoW! very nice customes!!
Didn't u take any photo with them?
Or do they not allow it?

Huei said...

wheeee!!! so colorful!! pavillion really happening hor? hmm..haven been there b4..must go one of these days! hehehe

kimfei said...

@mariuca,all rights..

@3point8,they allow,the point is i am shooting from 2nd floor

@huei,it is quite a nice place to hang out loo..hehe