Monday, December 31, 2007

Christmas Eve Celebration

Everybody already post about how they celebrate the Christmas Eve and I think I am the late one after all.Nevermind,hope you all don’t get bored about it after reading all those Christmas Celebration post.

On that day,I actually fetched my dear to UPM to meet up with her old friend from Muar.During evening time,we head towards Sg Long to find my friend who study at UTAR.Yeap,we gonna celebrate our X’mas eve together with my friend.Our initial planning is to go Bukit Bintang that area clubbing but after heard some other friends saying that area having very serious traffic jam and hence we decide to change our plan.

Since we are too early to reach there and our alternate plan will only start at 11pm.Hence,I take the opportunity to check my blog,check others blog and post a short update and that’s the reason why you can see the update during my no-in-office period.After I done all the thing,and it is still too early for the plan so at last,I take out my camera and start shooting.*ka zha*ka zha*

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View from Flora Apartment,Sg. Long

As you can see,the weather is not that good but luckily it is not raining at night.

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I snap I snap till got nothing to snap aleady,and hence my watch become the last,it is about time to prepare ourselves for the plan B.We reach the place around 20 minutes earlier.Since it is the Christmas eve celebration,of course we can see all those X’mas deco all around the place.

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The path to joy

When we go to the reception,they ask us to wait for a while more since our booking is on 11.30pm.Therefore,this fellow emo again cause he claim that with his charming voice also can’t attract the receptionist to let us go in earlier.*Remember I am a story teller**keke*

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Emo Cheng Chan

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Bachelor of the Eve

Then another of my friend claims that he is the bachelor of the night since he is still single and available.

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Me too

So,to make him feel more comfort,I also claiming that I am still single too.So,anybody interest can feel free to contact me and just after the second I shout this out.

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I not dare anymore..

My dear already gave me a big slap on my face.Sorry dear,I not dare to do it again and sorry for those out there,I am occupied means not available anymore.*korf*korf*

After the not so “LONG” waiting,at last we got our room.

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Those clever readers out there,can you guess where are we?*keke*Yeah,this would be my first time to Neway Karaoke after heard all those recommendation about how nice of its food la,how good of its room facility and its audio system blab la bla…

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Inside the Neway KTV

So,this is the room that we get for six of us.The room deco is very nice,the TV and audio set is great and I like the most is its wireless microphone.There are still have some KTV that only provide wired microphone which I hate the most.The food also not bad and the only thing that I don’t like is their customer service.They charge for the service tax and yet they couldn’t provide us with the best service.Could you imagine our drinks are served after around half an hour since we place the order and that’s totally sux…The Neway that we went is at Cheras Leisure Mall that one,so make sure you try on others branches other than this.

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My dear can sing...keke

That night,I really feel very very happy because at last my dear dare to sing in front of others and she is really enjoy it.*bravo*Do you know what is the best part during the whole night?We gone crazy inside the room,we not only sing,but we dance and we pose too.

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Jay CC in action

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Group Photo

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Miss ya

This will be an unforgettable X’mas eve celebration for me and also my dear.At the mean while,today will be the New Year eve and I will be at some where near Sg. Wang to meet up with Cheng Yong.So,any of you happen to be celebrate at there,you are always welcome to let me know and hereby I would like to wish all my readers…



生番薯 said...

happy 2008!!!!

Mariuca said...

He he he, kesian kena slap by ur dear lol!!!

Happy New Year to u and ur lovely gf, may u guys remain stronger and even more in love this new year! :):):)

kimfei said...

@生番薯,yeah..Happy new year

@mariuca,hehe...she din slap actually..keke...Happy new year to you too..

Sean said...

I like to sing K at Neway instead of RedBox. :D

kimfei said...

@sean,well..i can say neway's audio system is better,but customer service,i need to try few more times..hehe

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