Friday, December 14, 2007

Segamat~The Flood City

May be many of you only know that I am studying at MMU Melaka,and some know that I come from Johor but as I always say,Johor is not necessary means Johor Bahru.Johor is the state and JB is the capital.Well,I come from Segamat,one of the district in Johor.

Previously,Segamat is well known of its durian.Yeap,when the season come,you can see all those durian stalls at the road side,but since last year,Segamat is famous because of FLOOD.I think now almost everyone who read news know that Segamat is one of the area that will be flooded during year end if there is continuous raining in few days.

The incidents is just like happened few weeks back but it is already 1 year.Anyone still remember the tragedy during December last year?Now,it might be repeat again.Yesterday,my mum call me and say that,”I think you need not to come back this weekend la,I scared later flood again then you cannot go back KL for work oo”

At least,today is sunny day at Segamat area and the water level is still consider at safe level.I dare not say that it won’t flood but really hope that it won’t.For god sake,may be those that never seen it for real,you may see it from the photo.I myself also don’t have the chance to see it since I at Melaka during last December.I only got the chance to see those “After Flood” scenes.There is only 1 thing I can tell you,everybody is suffering,in term of loss of property,physically and mentally.If you don’t believe what I am saying,you can see the photo for real.


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Segamat Town Area

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Main Road

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Segamat Town Area Main Road

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The area beside the river

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Another side of the river

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Underwater Restorant

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Rumah Papan in Kampung Area

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Town Area,near Upwell Shopping Centre

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Route to Kampung Tengah

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Kampung Abdullah Area

After Flood

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Main Road View

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Cake House

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Kampung Abdullah,Taman Indah

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Convent Primary School Sideway

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New Town Road

The Looter

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Stupid looter

Image Hosted by
Can you see how many of them?

All these photo is taken during last year.I grab all these photo from internet and credit goes to all these brave photographers.May be I am not expert on study those weather,what happen to our earth,but at least I know there is something wrong and this is not only cause by one small matters,this is the matter of the whole public,every little thing lead to these incident but still there are a lot of people still enjoying doing this little thing that makes the public suffer.The fact is there but nobody cares about it.These is the sickness of the society nowadays.

Hopefully,while you all reading these,the rain already stop at those related area,and no more flood,numbers of victim won’t be increase and please pray for those who now still suffering,for those who have lost their home and wish that tomorrow will be a better day.


生番薯 said...

ur house ok ma??heard tat the water level at segamat is reducing d...but recently still raining...hope the rain will stop for a while la

leo said...

last year ur house affected?
i think at this moment..i get update from TM is pahang n sarawak still quite cham..
if ppl still not concern for environment..i think this thing will onli be more n more serious for the following years lor..

733ling said...

yalor... how was ur house?? hope that it will stop raining asap... kl also rain everyday...

kimfei said...

@ 生番薯,dun house wont kena ke..haha..or u wan my house kena arr??hopefully this weekend i can go back

@leo,last year nope..yalo..pahang tat side very cham..

@733ling,my house no problem..shah alam here still raining ..sienz ler..

Mariuca said...

That looks terrible! :(

kimfei said...

@mariuca,yeap...hope it wont happen this year..

kljs said...

The situation looks very terrible over there.

It's the weather.... it has changed since the past few years....... Global Warming is not a myth!!

kimfei said...

@kljs,hopefully this year wont like that lor..

ZuiYanHong said...

Malaysia boleh.
Boleh for flood for ever.

kimfei said...

@zuiyanhong,haha..tats corect

3POINT8 said...

Free MIlo!!!

kimfei said...

@3point8,haha..u wan some??

Forever 28 said...

My friend is staying at Segamat, he told me about that.
It was a tragedy... Really hope it would happen in this year...

Forever 28

kimfei said...

@forever 28,oi oi..wrong typo arr.."it would" please hell wouldn't happen please..hehe