Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Happy Birthday

Sorry for the late update.Yesterday is the public holiday for Selangor area hence no working,no working means I got no place to online,therefore I can’t update my blog.You must be thinking,whoahh…holiday again,means KimFei don’t know go where wet again!Well,you are so wrong and I am so dead yesterday because I am sick,high fever,flu and now still coughing.After whole day of rest,I am feeling better now and thank god else I will be very suffer during this working hours.

But still,I prefer to write less since I really can’t think of how to write in better way.Last Friday,we,as in the TeleGangz members went to The Curve to celebrate Nicole belated birthday.Her birthday actually falls on 5th December but since she have to celebrate together with her family,so we delayed the celebration.

I reached there around 9 something together with Alex and HuiLi and the birthday girl,Nicole is the earliest reach there,really feel so sorry to her.*korf*korf* She is waiting us at this nice view corner hence while waiting for others to arrive,I take out my camera and try some shot.

Image Hosted by
The Street's Waiting Corner

Then,somebody saying that she want to buy the Big Apple donuts before we have our dinner and hence we move out butt to this crowded places.I got myself half dozen of donuts and it really taste great.Now,I am waiting for the J.CO at Sunway which is nearer to my place.

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Big Apple Donuts

After that,we headed to the chosen restorant, La Gourmet House.This is my first time to eat at this restorant.You shouldn’t ask me hows the food as I aim for low budget,so I share a pizza with another two girls,if you want to know how the pizza tastes,I would say not bad,the sea food very fresh especially the prawn.

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Opps,till now I also haven’t show you the pretty birthday girl,here she is,Nicole,my coursemate.

Image Hosted by
The Pretty Birthday Girl,Nicole

Forgive me for the less explanation,I prefer to stop here and let the photo talk.Enjoy!

Image Hosted by
Birthday Gal and Me

Image Hosted by
Ming Jie,Siti and Nicole

Image Hosted by
Huili,Alex,Woonlee,CK,Nicole and Ming Jie

Image Hosted by
Special for you~~

Image Hosted by
Group Shot

At last,Happy Belated Birthday to my friends,Nicole,Cunlynn,Phua and Chee Cheong.It is too bad can’t celebrate with those who are not around in KL,hope you all enjoy your birthday.


leo said...

JCo at sunway open d la..but then many ppl la..
btw, big apple oso opened at 1U d..

生番薯 said...

many of them look different come u still look like the same old kimfei??

kimfei said...

@leo,ic..i dunno ma..

@生番薯,haha..yala..if u know me since alpha,then you will know i not much change in this 5 years la..

-SaMYP- said...

hohoho~ I dun rmb their bday at all...Anyway,i oso wish THEM happy belated birthday

3POINT8 said...

WoW! picture paints a thousand words..
Nice pics!

kljs said...

wah... so popular place. So many people. Nice place from the looks of it. ;)

kimfei said...

@-samyp-,haha..u no heart ma..keke

@3point8,thanks...i wonder when can i get my own DSLR...arghh....half poisoned kimfei here..

@kljs,the place very happening during night time..shall go n have a look..

Mariuca said...

Hi Kim Fei! Hope u're feeling better now. Food looks so yummy, I'm sure the b'day girl had a blast.

Love the pics but they seriously take a long time to load. ;)

Have a great weekend with gf yeah! :):):)

kimfei said...

@mariuca,the pic take long time to load ar?i got no problem when loading it..i will check n see..

Mariuca said...

Oh it's much better today! How u balik kampung? Drive safely if u're driving and ENJOY with gf! :):):)

kimfei said...

@mariuca,yeap..driving all the way from KL back to Segamat,Johor..hehe..thnx for the concern..

nicole said...

my godness... i din notice i look tat terrible that day. Shd have put on some makeup while waiting..korf korf.. XD
i decided to change hairstyle d. kim kim i wan picture :P

kimfei said...

@nicole,hehe..dun worry i always say..bday gal will be the prettiest de..the photo i shall pass to u when i resize all ..coz now not really free to edit the pic