Wednesday, December 26, 2007

BumbuBali @ Bandar Puteri Puchong

As you all know,last Friday,my girlfriend is coming to town.Actually I feel very happy cause it is kinda fair for her to visit me cause it is impossible for me to go back Melaka that often to meet her.Finaly,she makes it and promise me to stay here for the Chritsmas celebration even though this particular week will be her study week.I was touched actually cause I am asking myself whether I would do the same way if I was her,the percentage is actually quite low as I really put my study at the first position when it comes to Final Exam.

So,last Friday,she reached Shah Alam station around 7pm and this will be the second time she came here.Therefore,I decide to bring her to Bandar Puteri Puchong,the new place that I just found my way to.I mean I just learn the way to there after playing badminton several time over that area.Then,we choose this BumbuBali Restorant.Ermm..I guess this restaurant serve those kind of food that origin from Bali.*korf*korf*

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This is the way to experience the atmosphere at Bali when I got no money to actually travel to there.The deco is quite nice and I really feel comfortable to dine in there.

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The only thing that makes me feel a bit weird is all the customers are those working personnel and I hardly found any couple that’s about the age as us.Seems like the expense inside the restaurant is kinda expensive and once I take a glance on the menu,that’s probably give me a big “YES”.

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If you ever dine in Madam’s Kuan Restaurant,allright,the price is about the same standard as that.Hence,I really hope the served foods are really up to standard else I really want to commit suicide for not going TGI Friday that I always wanted to.

So,my dear order the mocktail while I get myself a Lemonade Soda drink which consider the cheapest drink from the menu.*korf*No money is like that de lor*

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Lemonade Soda

Once the drinks are served,I feel quite surprise cause the drinks is quite special and taste good expecially the soda drinks if you compare to those normal café.

After a while,the foods are served.My dear had the Seafood Mixplate which consist of fish fillet,squill and prawn.One thing I have to say is the seafood are really fresh.I believe my description is really sux hence just lets the photo talks.For mine,I get myself the “Siap Pangang” roasted chicken.The souce is really special and I never taste it before but really loves it.

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Seafood Mixplate

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Siap Pangang

I think those that know me very well,they should know that I seldom recommend any restaurant or food especially those with high pricee but I really recommend this BumbuBali,for the bucks that I paid,I really feel satisfied with the foods and it is quite a good place dine in but of course not for “always” case.
I guess that will be the end of my post.

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leo said...

wah so happening a u..
i always pass by the reataurant but never try before..hee...
we tele gang long time never meet d..coz got ppl ffk last time.haha

kimfei said...

@leo,hm...blaming me huh??no ppl organise also wat..some more got ppl back muar ler..LOL

Sean said...

Wah... the ambient is quite special~ the foods also nice...
But you never tell how mych is the bill?

Mariuca said...

The food looks oh so yummy and the restaurant looks nice too. Unfortunately I don't frequent Puchong area, hopefully another branch will open up somewhere in my area. :):):)

yung . said...

A good review on KL restaurant, too bad I won't have the chance to visit..

kimfei said...

@sean,lol..the price is about 70++ for 2 person but what I can say is it is really worth it..

@mariuca,hehe..I think you should really have a try on it..I bet you will love it..

@yung.,u make me wanna blog about this geh..haha..ur blog always make me cant control my saliva so now my turn..kekeke

Jasonmumbles said...

Head down to Sunway Pyramid and try Ole Ole Bali and then tell me what you think. :)

kimfei said...

@jasonmumbles,haha..that sounds like an try that b4?This sat should be at Sunway Pyramid geh..see got chance or not..keke