Friday, September 21, 2007

Tele Gang RocKz

Yesterday after my FYP presentation, our coursemate,Eugene the photographer just pass me the group photo that we took after the Antenna Propagation mid term test.When I look at the photo,I thought I get the wrong photo from Eugene,you may get surprise too.

The first thought is that Eugene give me the photo of FBL students?!??There are so many girls in the photo?!?!?Then I look at it in more detail,correct wor,it is our group photo.Then only I realized that our Tele gang got a lot "leng lui" hor,it doesn't seems like any other Engineering course where only all guys rulez the gang.

Actually I really feel glad,not because of a lot "leng lui",it is because we aren't unite as nowadays tele gang before the day we went to the Perhentian Trip,this will be our final year in MMU,luckily we still have chance to gather more,eventhough next trimester many of us will separate apart for the industrial training,but,Guys and Gals,remember,tela gang rockz.I am looking forward the graduation trip during the third trimester.I think we shall start to discuss where to go and save money from now for people that poor like me.
So,all tele gang's member,fast fast think some trip that everybody can afford,we may want save money from now on.
Tele Gang RocKz!!


-SaMYP- said...

YAYA..tele gang rockzz!!!When grad,sure i'll go helpu all take camera...dun worry

KIra said...

yea.. tele rockz.. cal this gro as Tele Rzkr!:P

mapo said...

hehe..i oso got wrote this post in my blog la..

生番薯 said...

Tele Gang Rollz~

kimfei said... nice to be unite..rocKz and rollZ

jijitankyy said...

Such a great photos.
Great to see so many attendance.
Ha..after all, Im cant shout Tele rokz..