Thursday, September 20, 2007


At last,this is the end of my part 1 Final Year Project.It is such a relief,at least for today.I had attend few of my friends presentation to show some support to them.Actually I feel quite tired as today I wake up around 5 am just because those mosquitoes keep finding me,I also don't know why they like me so much,until wake me up in such an early morning.

I think those creature can sense that today is my big day so wake me up earlier in the morning to urge me to do the preparation for the presentation.See, I am kind enough ler..I didn't curse these creatures but I have to thank them as I really memorise a lot while I practise my presentation during that time.

Luckily,my presentation can be consider going smooth,just that the supervisor and the moderator keep interupt me to ask question.Damn,they really did ask a lot questions till my presentation session from the original 25 minutes extend to almost 35 minutes,but thankfully the moderator seems to be impress for what I am presenting eventhough he yawned sometime which make me feel so nervous.Overall,my performance should be good enough qua.

As what I requesting during my last last post, the badminton organiser really "jio" people go for badminton.It is really nice to play badminton after such a tension morning.Tomorrow I am going back to my hometown, Segamat.I shall fully utilise thise weekend to fully recharge myself for the coming final exam.In other word,happy hour during the weekend ya..hehe.Now I feel freaking blur and tired,either mentally or physically,so thats all for this nonsense daily report.Stay tune.....


mapo said...

yar relief..but final exam fast oo...sien.

i wan makan wan tan mee form segamat..haha

kimfei said...

come lor...during holiday come sgt jalan jalan lor..very easy to go only..just follow the tangkak road straight will reach segamat