Saturday, January 10, 2009

New Eve Count Down @The Curve

Just woke up after faint on the bed for 4 hours plus..damn tired sial..Actually just want to keep my blog updated but my head still blank and have no idea how to start this post..can I just post the photo ar??Muahahaha..

OK ok ...serious..On the very last day of year 2008,me and my girlfriend actually plan to find some fine dining restaurant and enjoy the best meal of the year*sounds bluffing only*Then one of my best friend from my hometown suggest that we join the count down party at The Curve that side..hence..It left me less choice for the restaurant..At first I am thinking of going TGIF for the 3 course meal but could they provide only the New Year Eve 3 Course meal and no alacarte!That's way too expensive and finaly my girlfriend choose to have our dinner at The Apartment.Well, the price is just slightly cheaper than TGIF but the food..hmm..I think TGIF is better...*regret d*

Here is some photo taken in The Apartment!


Our main course




and I miss out the desert because I don't know how to photograph that small little cup of crunchy apple bla bla bla..
After having our dinner, we take a walk at the street and cineleisure area while waiting for our friends who are stuck in the heavy traffic.And you know what people will do when things getting boring..especially a person that like to play around his camera so much..



After a long wait, finally they are here...



Check the crowds at this area...and we are in the middle of it...damn..This is definitely not a good spot for count down..You can imagine when the clock tick tok till 00:00 1/1/2009...there will be plenty of snow spray..and I end up trying so hard to protect my camera...LOL...
After that the fireworks is just like a must for the countdown event...and with handheld..this is the best I can get..haha


The only best thing of the night is our position is just beside the 8TV truck where they are having the livecast about the countdown party..


and yeah...I took a photo with Belinda..


She is very pretty right?Luckily my girlfriend not whacking my head for the sack I forgot to took a photo with her and I guess the main reason is this...

IMG_9023 reasonable right?So that's all about the celebration and good news to you all is I don't have any pending outing for my next post so I have no idea when I will update on my blog..haha..till then..


Sean said...

eh bro ur gf dressed so nice u dressed like so cincai.....

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