Sunday, August 3, 2008

Go Go Bali ~ Uluwatu Temple

At last, this will be the last post entry for the Bali Trip as what I say earlier. After the Nasi Buntut, we went to the Uluwatu Temple, which is the place that we should go on the first day we reach Bali but due to the flight timing, so it is being postpone to the last day..Without talking much..I just would like to show the photo that I took on this very nice landscape view place...

As I say earlier on..this place is full of monkey that's very clever to deal with the tourist..

15-Uluwatu famous monkey

This is the view that you can see from the temple. Actually, the Uluwatu Temple is not special because of its temple,but its view from the temple..damn nice kan?


16-The cliff

For this photo, I try to use fill flash so that their face can be expose properly..nice or not??

17-Sui la..

With the sun that big like is really damn hard to get some nice shot..thats why I strongly suggest if you want to take good photo,you should go backpack but not joining trip..

18-Not nice

Lastly, a group photo before we left Uluwatu Temple and heading to the airport.

19-Group photo at Ulu Watu

Its been about two month since I back from Bali and I really miss my friends a lot...where are you guys now.....I am damn happy because this coming weekend I gonna meet with you guys again...muahahaha

21-Last group photo

So,see you guys during the convocation ya...


This will be the end of my Bali Trip..for my next post..hmm..I should try to do on my Bangkok Trip....hopefully...

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yung . said...

Eh? Alex missing in the last group pic leh..