Thursday, June 19, 2008

Go Go Bali~ last..I able to force myself to start over the engine and do some editing and filtering on the photo that I took during my graduation trip to guys going to join me in Bali when you read this….

It is not that I don’t want to edit the photo, actually, I am kinda free after my training and I some time feel quite lonely in the hotel as well…shhh…it is not those physically lonely..I know what you guys thinking…I mean mentally and emotionally….If you guys know what I had been through for these few weeks then you guys will understand….

As what I said earlier…on the next day when I back from Bali, I am busy moving all my stuff to KL and on second day, I already report to the company where I start my first job after I officially graduate from MMU..Ten days later, I am here, in Bangkok, Thailand to undergo a product training which will last for a month.

So, the situation now is, I damn miss my girlfriend, I miss all of you as I had been stop blogging for more than a month and also all my uni friends, housemates..damn kinda miss you guys…My life become so quiet without the laughter and joy that you guys always bring to me..and I miss my dog as well…Vivi..I miss you…I guess this is one of the reason why I never start edit the photo because it makes me miss you guy even more…

Haha..I know you guys probably won’t read until here and probably will straight away scroll to the photo part..nevermind..I just want to voice out what I feel now and I hope somebody will read until here…So,are you guys ready to join me to the trip to Bali? Nope? Don’t care la..let’s start…


On the 27 May 2008, there are 19 of us in total start off the journey all the way to Bali by walking…hell no..just a lame lame joke..Of course by flight la..and this is my FIRST time on aeroplane and I just can’t believe my second time come so fast in time..not to mention those sad thing before the departure but adhere I really would like to thank the organizer, Wei Shiang, my are the man and I really appreciate all the thing that you have done to make the trip a big success..


Mimzy also joining us for the trip…

2-Air Asia

3-Air Asia Group

And here come our flight and the group photo that without me inside…just to tell you guys that I seldom appear in the group photo because every time I am the man who hold the camera and all the people will rushing in for the photo and the only word I can say is “GRRRRRRR”

Although this is my first time on flight but I kinda like those feel and especially I am so near to the blue sky and white cloud for the first time…

4-On Plane

Taking such photo when we on board is consider a must and hence “Ka zha”


The whole journey will took about 3 hours before we reach Bali, so for the youngster like us,definitely it is impossible to sleep on the flight and do nothing so we gamble..opps…is playing card game….

6-Card game

And opps….the Mimzy aka Mashimaro keep on sweating because of our stupidity…

7_Sweat Mimzy

After the long journey and at last, we are here..breathe in some Bali fresh air and welcoming us is this pretty local girl


Everybody got their flower necklace which smell weird and so am I..damn I look so dark even before I reach Bali..i gotta become an African when I back to Malaysia..


Welcome to Bali…in the next few post, you guys will only read, will only taste, will only feel the Bali but no other place else..


Before we check in to our hotel, we are going to Selera Kuring, some Indonesia Restaurant to have our first dinner in Bali. Well, for the dinner, I don’t think there is some thing that worth to mention, we got cheated by its out look and the dish and the food is so so only..

After the dinner, we are heading to the Adhi Dharma Hotel which is located along side of Legian Street, the street that are well know of the bomb..famous of all those night club and branded outlet..

11-Adhi Dharma

After check in, I got lucky because the hotel don’t have enough standard room so they will give us two deluxe room for the first night and I am the lucky one who get one of the room..and now you can see..the room have a very romantic feel and sadly to tell you guys my roommate is a guy…how sad case it is…sigh..God..send me a girl can??

12-My Room

All of them damn likey my room..don’t believe in what I am saying..check it out with our own eyes…

13-Siao kia

I think I should end my very first post of the Bali trip at here…at last..enjoy the night view of the pool side which I took this from the third floor of the other room..Good Night and have a nice rest because we are going to have a very tiring journey on the next day…Stay tune…

14-Night view pool


Mei-Wah said...

wow... bali bali!!! make sure you go to Kuta Beach~~~ ;)

leo said...

wow, my mimzy appear twice in ur blog..but..where is teddy??

leo said...

wow, my mimzy appear twice in ur blog..but..where is teddy??

ahlost said...

What lens are you holding for the first pic?

iCalvyn said...

in the plane can play card? not have to sit properly and wear the safe belt ah?

kimfei said...

@mei-wah,yeah..haha..from hotel about 15 minutes walk to Kuta Beach...will show some of the photo later on..

@leo,i didnt see teddy shown up wor...may be sleeping..

@ahlost,erm..Sigma 70-300mm APO ..keke

@icalvyn,haha..dun care la..the stewardess also dun bother us..