Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Missing in Action

Alolo...I realized that it is already 7 days from my last updated post.Sigh..I really don't have time for blogging currently.I rather spend those time relax my brain by watching some comedy movie since I am damn occupied with my project and also the mid term test.I miss my industrial training life,at least I no need study like hell,no day no night for 5 chapters,then only know how to answer for 1 question out of two.This is really!!!@#$#@%*Sigh~~

I will let you all see all my project and midterm deadline then you guys will understand why I am fucking frustrated and I think I am not gonna update that often within this whole period until I am free from final exam which will be around mid of May.

4 April 2008 : FYP project
9 April 2008 : Mid Term Exam for Radar System Design and Analysis
16 April 2008 : Due date for FYP Softcover Report Submission
21 April 2008 : Start of the FYP Presentation(Still don't know which day yet)
24 April 2008 : Due date for Optoelectronics Assignment
31 April 2008 : Still don't know when is the due date for Radar Assignment
16 & 17 May 2008 : The last final exam before I graduate!!!

Almost everyweek I have all kind of deadline,due date and this is probably why I really don't have time to blog properly.I think even if I update my blog,it will be about how suffer am I for all this shit that unavoidable!So,I consider myself am blog-on-leave but I will try to update in condition I have some free time and I have the idea on what to blog about..till then~~

Arghh...gonna ciao liao...wan continue my FYP~~~


Mei Wah said...

GOOD LUCK in ya FYP! it's hard and depressing during the FYP period... but the satisfaction and great feeling after that is can't be describe in words!

Mariuca said...

Aiyo poor thing! Don't stress too much la Kim Fei. It's okay to put blogging on hold, concentrate on ur exam and project. Then, once you're done and feeling much better, can always come back to the blogworld! :)

sendzki said...

your schedule sure looks messed up. it seems like you got no time to rest at all..and to blog..hehe, well, just keep your mind right, finish everything and enjoy every break you could get