Sunday, January 6, 2008

The First Day of the Year 2008

What have you done for the first day of new year?For me,hmm..I am very tired on that day cause after the countdown,I didn't head back to my bed,instead,I went out with that two girls back in town to wait for my friend who is standy by in office.Around 5 in the morning,we just meet him up then have our breakfast at McD.What a new year!!

In the afternoon,I join my coursemates to have my lunch at a Korean restorant,Dae Jang Gum somewhere near Section 14.Well,I am not really into korean food so I have no comment on it.

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During the evening time,my fellow coursemate and I join my friends at Cheras Selatan Jusco to sing K at the Green Box.This will be the n-times visit of mine but the for the first time we get the big VIP room cause there are total 10 people of us.

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VIP Room

At first,I still worry that will be a very weird session cause all my coursemates don't know my friends study in Utar and the same goes to my friends from UTAR.Luckily,the girls clicks fast..if there are lot of guys,then I think the situation will be different..haha..Here is some random photo that I took.Actually I didn't shoot much cause I am freaking tired.Can you imagine I just sleep for around 2 hours and 36 hours conitnuously hang out with my friend after the working during the new year eve...Two word say it all--->DEAD TIRED

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From left : Woonlee,Pearly,Shu Wen and Jessy

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The 3 Bachelors,I think you all know them,rights?

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Group Photo

Let me introduce to you all,from the left back,Huili,Woonlee,Me,Jessy,Shu Wen,Pearly..and front left Cheng Yong,Shiqi,Susan and ChengChan.The photo looks like some family photo.Sigh,how come got such effect geh...*Swt*

But then I am very enjoy to sing.So,next time anybody happen to go sing K,and want find kaki then can ask me along..kaka


3POINT8 said...

no wonder I always see you post 'sing K' photo up in your blog.

俊杰 Chun Keat said...

haha.... u still alive after that... really 'geng'... haha... enjoyful life...

kimfei said...

@3point8,hehe..i like sing K ma..keke

@俊杰 Chun Keat,haha..geng ler...luckily still alive..else u got no chance to see all this photo..

Calv said...

hahahaha so u kaki karaoke....nice nice... unfortunately i dun go K wahahahaha. i mean i go la for friend's bday or some sort of events they wanna pull, but i wont just purposely go to sing. besides i suck at singing through a mic. LOL i prefer natural voice. :p

kimfei said...

@calv,haha..i still ok v it..coz some time different gang ask me join them,end up i go many time loo..keke

Mariuca said...

He he he, all three bachelors wear cute! ;)

kimfei said...

@mariuca,hehe..u notice that too..haha..almost majority of my friend wear spec geh..keke.. said...

having a fun and wonderful day at the 1st day of new year is a good sign~ wish you have a good year 2008 ... happy blogging

kimfei said...,same to you..happy blogging..