Monday, December 17, 2007

My Weekend @Segamat

Phew..lecturer just visit,nothing much actually.At first I thought he will check on my logbook so I die die also keep my logbook up to date so that I wont get myself in deep shit.Luckily the session doen't took long time.I don't want talk much about this.Just to let my friends know,logbook is kinda important,fill it up then you will face no problem.

All right,back to what I gonna tell ya.Last weekend,I went back to my hometown,Segamat since my whole family is on vacation to Langkawi,so,I have to go back and take care of the Mini Market that my dad's own.As you all know,some area in Johor is still flood and that include some area in Segamat.For the unlucky part,the route that I normally take to go back Segamat get flooded and hence I need to route to another road and take a big round before I can reach Segamat.

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Alternate Route:Side Way

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Having some fun during hard time

The lucky part is,when I back at Segamat,the day is just fine,no raining,sunny day,else I doubt can I take the same route to back to Shah Alam.So,when I at Segamat,I meet up with my old buddy who just broke up with his girlfriend,well,I not sure this time is it gonna be end like that or still got story coming in,but really hope that there will be happy ending.I know both the couple and they have been together in a very long period,really wish that they can get their problem solve.

While meet up with him,he keep me updates about the news that happen at Segamat since my parents is not around.The Segamat town actually was flooded for around 2 days time but luckily is not that serious compare to my previous post.The funny thing is,after two days flood,all the water is gone when our Prime Minister,Pak Lah gonna visit Segamat,and on that particular day,no raining,the weather is just nice and everything looks fine but once Pak Lah left,the rain come again and some kampung area again flooded.

Here is some of the photo that my friend took it when he explore around in the town area.Sorry for the low quality of the photo but no choice cause he is taking it while driving.

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Kampung Road

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Town Main Road,Can see the Magnum in Water??

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Luckily it is not that serious

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Main Road that link to Old Segamat Town

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Sri Genuang Area

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The Joging Park become Swimming Pool

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Area near Second Bridge

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Segamat River(FYI:The normal water level is 6 or 7 meters below the bridge,Can you Imagine that?)

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Night View of the Town,its like a dead city in Resident Evil 3

Hopefully the weather will become better,else,more will be suffer.I should say this time is quite lucky for the residence that live in town area cause after the Road Upgrading project,the main road that link to Segamat town will not flood so those live in town area at least can go to friend,or relatives house but not stuck inside there.At last,I also wish that my friend can settle his problem in a more happy way.


kljs said...

the situation looks kinda back to below danger levels.......

Sean said...

Are you undergo the practical training at Segamat? what do you do there?

My friend said the Segamat flood is not as serious as last year... I hope it would be peace as well...

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S3R said...

2nd time flood like this already lo.... bt still nothing hav been done to prevent this frm happening again i think...

生番薯 said...

why the pic in the dark showing red colour ah??setting of camera??photoshop effect??

leo said...

you hav been tagged..

kimfei said...

@kljs,yea,when i back tat time,it is already okay,just few more areas still flood

@sean,i training at Shah Alam,Segamat is my hometown,this is why I go back there..

@s3r,got some road been upgraded,but still the river is stil got problem

@生番薯 ,i think is the yellowish road light cause that,tat pic is taken by my friend geh,using N73 phone's photo seldom got photoshop geh..i normally just adjust the brightness n the contrast of the photo

@leo,sigh...why chinese tag..


leo said...

bcoz the ppl tag me in choice..not i wish..

kimfei said...

@leo,next time chinese tag don't tag me ler..