Friday, November 16, 2007

An Extraordinary Day

Yesterday, just like normal day as I still wake up around 8 in the morning,damn my inner physical body alarm.Thats suppose to be a good thing but not for yesterday case because I need not to wake up earlier since I am not working that morning.Yeap,there is something special for yesterday as all the MMU AEP(Academic Enrichment Program) interns had been calling for an informal meeting at Plaza Sentral there.Hence,I only need to bring myself and make sure I will be in the meeting which is held at 2pm.

Well,due to certain reason,my friends and I reach there a bit late but luckily the person who call for the meeting is not in yet.Lucky me!!This is my first time to step in the office that located at Plaza Sentral.To be exact,the venue for the meeting is not the office but some kind like cafeteria corner which is own by the company,but what I would like to say is,”Damn,it is awesome..”It seems like very classie if compare to where I working at.Aiks..How I wonder to work at such places,at least the feel will be totally different..*LOL*

Here is some snapshot by my camera phone.All this places is why I am saying AWESOME.One of my friend even think of to get one set of the couch and place it at home.

Image Hosted by
Za'aba Innovation Centre

Image Hosted by
The Corner

Image Hosted by
The Cafeteria

Image Hosted by
Our Meeting Venue,this is the couch that I mention just now!!

During the meeting,I also get the chance to meet all my friend who is doing their internship at Plaza Sentral here.Really envy ler….*aiks*.Their working place is more looks like a office if compare to mine where I need to sit in a row in a huge war room.Since it is such a long time we last met,hence,we decide to have our dinner together at Mid Valley ‘s Kim Gary.

Since we need to wait them to finish their work at around 5.30pm,therefore,three of us from Subang High Tech went to Mid Valley earlier to avoid the traffic at KL Sentral.Luckily,I and my friend bring the lappie along,so we manage to find a free wifi point at The Garden to kill the time while waiting for others.

After the dinner,there are some extraordinary thing happen to me.Well,that’s might sound normal for you but not me.The things happened when we pass by the Nokia Roadshow at the MidValley centrecourt there.They are actually launching the Nokia NSeries phone.

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Nokia NSeries

So,me and my friend just stop by to check it out but all of sudden,my friends got dragged by the guy ,and keep saying that they need three people to play a game.So,I just yell to myself,”Phew..luckily me didn’t get dragged by the guy.”Before I finish the sentence,the Emcee spot me and asking me to tag with another guy who is alone yet wanna join the game.Urghh…that’s sound like not really lucky but since the guy is alone,fine,don’t care la..just play nia!!Somemore the Emcee saying that the winner will get some gift!I wonder what will be the gift.

So,here is how the game goes.For those who watch for Hong Kong TV show will definitely know the game.There are 2 person in one team,one of the member have to choose a movie title and try to do some silly gesture so that the partner can guess it right!

Image Hosted by
My Friend's Team,Sun and Steven

My friends start the game first and damn it..they are damn power sial!!They only need 9 seconds to get it correct!!Yeap,in 9 second ,oh gosh,there is no way my team can beat them.I don’t even know how long it takes for mine to finish the game,but,it is a nice game though and I quite enjoy it.Oh ya,I need some help from all the bloggers,who ever know the girl that shooting the video in the photo,please let me know because I forget to get the video from her afterward.The event occur at 15 November around 8pm,at MidValley Centrecourt.

Image Hosted by
My Unknown partner and I

Image Hosted by
The Winners,Sun and Steven

No matter how,I still being asked to pick two gift out of the five which are served on the table.So,this is the gifts that I get.

Image Hosted by
Gift from Nokia,The Little Nokia Boy and USB Light

While the winners can have all the five gifts.So,what do you say?Not bad huh,I really have to say that I am rarely to join such thing so that’s really an extraordinary stuff to me!!


jijitankyy said...

Ha..Cheers to you as a winner.
Pretty cool the Zaaba Innovation Centre.

3POINT8 said...

Wow...that place very 'chim'

kimfei said...

@jijitankyy,lol...yeah..tats really nice..

@3point8,nice hor...aiks...

Mariuca said...

I love all your pictures, always so clear! :)

kimfei said...

@mariuca,thnx for liking it..but my friend saying the photo size is too big..should i reduce it?

Mariuca said...

Kim Fei, the pics are a tad too big, can reduce a bit I think! Then, they'll be even better!

kimfei said...

@mariuca,yeap,i already reduce a bit in the latest it ok now??