Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Dusk Moment in Bukit Beruang

Can you imagine the photo is taken within Bukit Beruang area?I never notice that it can be so beautiful during the dusk moment in BB.The photo is taken using my camera phone.As you can see, I actually taking the photo when I wait for the traffic light to turn into green when I am on the way to fetch my girlfriend.The sky is so contrast,everything is in contrast,gosh, I really addicted to taking such scenery photo. It is just too bad because I cannot stand in the middle of the road and take the whole scene using my camera.This is why you can see some of my car's stickers and the Satria that blocking the view.Anyway, I feel satisfy with the outcome from my K810i camera.What I can say is this camera phone is really a nice one for photo taking.Those who consider to buy a camera phone,the Sony Ericsson K810i is highly recommended.For those who have more budget,you may wait a while more for the launch of the K850i with 5M.P Cybershot.I believe that phone will definitely will meet your requirement.

Dusk Moments(Twilight Scene Mode)

By the way,feel free to comment on the photo,because personally I feel satisfy with the colour and composition of the picture.But I would like to know what do you think?Is is beautiful?Ugly?or whatever..just leave your comment.

Back to reality,it is less than 3 days till my FYP presentation,starting to feel the heat and getting pressure for it.Well,having some relax moment during such a critical time is always what I am going to do..Yesterday is totally a tiring day for me as I play badminton continuously,3 sessions in 3 days.Eventhough I am tired,but I feel glad because at least I can straight fall asleep once I lay on bed.(Don't know today still got people jio badminton or not)For those who like to join us for badminton,you may feel free to register with me,hehe,looking for more people to play badminton.This Thursday after my FYP presentation, definitely I want badminton,so those organiser,jio people for that day oo..Ok la,enough for today,continue to my preparation for the FYP presentation.


-SaMYP- said...

-b4 regiser for thursday badminton
session,i wan jio play badminton for
-The photo is quite nice,but tat car block the scene there,it's really a 缺陷

yung . said...

not bad wo.. can't wait to try my own camera...

kimfei said...

hehe,yung,this take by the phone camera ler..i still dun have chance for the digi cam